Dog Attachment K9 Cruiser Review

K9 Cruiser is a unique Dog Walking Attachment Leash for bicycle cyclist. The Dog Walking K9 Cruiser works like a bungee leash that will attach to your Doggy Collar or a Padded Harness.

It has a metal bar which attaches to the bike and a short lead which can attach to the dog. The lead is short enough so that it won’t drag and possibly trip the dogs up, but it has the length to allow the dogs to choose to run beside you or to the back of the bike.


Here are my feedback on the Dog Walking Attachment Leash from K9 Cruiser .

A review on another Dog Walking Attachment for Cycles (Springer) will be provider later (So please book mark this page).

The K9 Dog Walking Attachment is very easy to install but please check if it fits your bicycles. This is because at the end of the metal bar there is a bend that attaches to your Wheel Reel.

Some bicycles have a funny design which will be obstracted if the K9 Cruiser is mounted into the rear fork. Alternatively, you can screw a longer bolt to the back hub and attached the K9 Cruiser onto it. I have mine installed outside the fork and the rear wheel is free to spin with the K9 Cruiser Metal bar beside it.

Your may consult your bike shop owner on how this can be done.

The connection from dog to bike is very easy with the K9 Cruiser. Once the bar is rigidly bolted to the hub, the attached leash will connect to the dog collar and every jerk and tug is communicated to the bike rider.

I have found for larger dog, the dog walking attachment is not a good item and can endanger the biker and the dog. If your dog is more than 30 pounds, I would not recommend it.

The K9 Cruiser Dog walking attachment cost about $45 and you can buy them over the Internet.

So in summary


  • Easy for the rider and the dog.
  • Can even leashes two dog at the same time (You will need to buy another lead only).
  • Connect to your dog fast and easy
  • Fast installation


  • The Cruiser attaches only to certain bicycles that can accommodate the hub attachment.
  • Not suitable for larger dog.

Happy Dog Walking….

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